We are a global company in which we offer solutions to facilitate transformation and sustained growth to companies in the nutrition and agro-industry branch.

In Maclotech Global Solutions we know about the extraordinary challenge that the excessive increase in costs represent for the industry in supply chain and the difficulty to reflect the sale price of the products.

To face this challenge, it is essential to have highly efficient strategies to boost sustained growth and improve the business financing results, otherwise the continuity of the companies will be threatened.

With a highly skilled professional team and global experience, we look forward to collaborating with you to design tailor-made solutions to guarantee your company to be in world class level and achieve the success you are looking for.

Together we will design the best solution for your company.

We offer

  • Consulting services that allow companies to grow and transform in a sustainable way.
  • Accelerate the Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence process throughout the whole enterprise.
  • Optimization operational costs in the short and long term that allow the company to keep growing.
  • Training and certifications to accelerate the continuous improvement process.
  • We help to face great challenges that companies have today to increase competitiveness.
  • Turnkey expansion projects or specific processes aligned in the growth of the company.

Ricardo Velasco

Administrative Vice President/Founder of Maclotech Solutions

He is widely recognized in the agro-industry as an expert in business management, corporate strategy and operation excellence. Mr. Engineer Ricardo has developed and implemented global and digital strategies based on the client’s necessities, designing structural changes, improving organizational effectiveness, determining the best marketing channels and distribution and supply chain strategies, designing growth programs and performance improvement. He has worked in the agro-industry for the las 35 years in management positions and senior management. He divides his time in the active work of the client among North America, Central America and South America. He is a highly requested speaker in high level conferences. Before founding MACLOTECH, Mr. Ricardo worked for Ralston Purina and Cargill Animal Nutrition.

He has a degree in chemical engineering with a major in food in the Universidad Autónoma de Colima and an MBA in the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Mexico.

He offers his experience as a pragmatic strategist to the business community, local and global civic and academic levels.

Roberto R. Céspedes

Vice President of Operations/Founder of Maclotech Global Solutions

He has 43 years of experience developing projects in Latin America and Europe in the agro-industry area, Human Consumption and Pharmaceutical; he is a specialist in production processes and corporate operations. Mr. Engineer Roberto acts as a global consultor for front-line companies like Kellog International, Nestle International, Roche International. He is also an associate instructor in the main universities in the USA like Texas A&M, Miami University and North Dakota University. Before founding Maclotech Global Solutions, he worked in multinational companies like Ralston Purina, Apec Intenational and Buhler Inc.

He has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Business in universities of Peru, Mexico and USA. He has specialization courses in food and pharmaceutical processes in USA and Europe.

Industries in which we specialise

  • Hortalizas
  • Invernaderos
  • Granos
  • Aceiteras
  • Harineras
  • Plantas de Rendimiento
  • Alimentos Balanceados Comercial
  • Alimentos Balanceados Integrados
  • Alimento Petfood
  • Premezclas Vitaminicas y Minerales.
  • Pigmentos, Saborizantes, Conservadores.
  • Acuacultura

Our clients

Argentina,  Baires S.A. ( Mascotas )

Chile, AgroSuper S.A. ( Pollos / Cerdos ), Champion ( Mascotas )

Paraguay, Cooperativas Colonias Unidas, ( Cerdos)

Brazil, Total Alimentos S.A. ( Mascotas ) , Avisul S.A. ( Pollos ),

Peru, Alicorp S.A. ( Aquaticos ), Pin Pollo ( Pollos )  

Ecuador, Pronaca ( Pollos )

Costa Rica, APM S.A. ( Mascotas )

El Salvador, Alementos MOR S.A. ( Pollos / Aquaticos )

Honduras, Aqua Feed S.A. ( Aquaticos ), IOLE S.A. ( Aceites )

Guatemala, ALBACO S.A. ( Pollos , Mascotas )

Mexico, Gupo Guadalupe S.A. De C.V. ( Gallinas ) PAISA S.A. de CV, ( Soya Integral, Soya Texturizada ), Lider S.A. Can & Cat ( Mascotas ) 

Panama, Grupo Calesa S.A. ( Aquaticos )



Risk Management


  • Evaluation control of environmental impact
  • Personal security system implementation
  • OSHA certification
  • SIF risks evaluation
  • RIF root cause analysis of accidents
  • Waste control


  • Lean Manufacturing (VSM, six sigma, Kaizen, 8D’s, 55’s)
  • Process Optimization (OEE, Stable Opps), KPI’s
  • IBP (Integrated Business Process)
  • Inventory Management
  • Visionary company
  • ACI (Acceleration of Continuous Improvement)


  • Optimization operational costs
  • Optimization costs and productivity in chain supply
  • Transformation and accelerated growth business
  • Supply
  • Chain Management 11 Modules
  • Operational process management
  • Process operation;
  • Grinding, Mixing, Incrustation, Extrusion, Liquid Addition, Bagging, etc.


  • ISO 900/ Quality
  • ISO 14000/Environment
  • ISO 18000/OSHA
  • ISO 22000/Food safety
  • Organic Grade Certification



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